What’s XmasBook ? Version 2021

what is xmasbook….

What is XmasBook? Thread It’s a picture book #NFTcollectibles with hand painted watercolor + generative algorithms. each of 2022 pieces have a machine made unique story on chain.

sample of XmasBook v2

Each piece have 3 character’s (cast) that gathered Xmas party. all of these character’s have unique concerns and dialogues .

These stories have been stored fully on chain without using any memory! you can query each story by token id at:https://optimistic.etherscan.io/

all pieces have a exclusive hash on left side of image. this hash create a True connection between stories and images. you can query hash by token id at :https://optimistic.etherscan.io/

This collection have 4K resolution (2160X3840) that fits perfectly on TVs and big screens.

high quality #jpegs so you can inspect & enjoy details!

embedded rarity: ranking system like poker cards

three of a kind > pair > high card ;)

you can query rank by token id at :https://optimistic.etherscan.io/

we implemented metadata twice: 1.Fully on-chain metadata 2.#IPFS metadata for backward compatibility.

last year #XmasBook was on L1(https://opensea.io/collection/xmastree…) this year we brought #XmasBook V2 with new features on L2s because environmental project need environmental chain and we decided to release V2 on Optimism PBC



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We believe environmental problems have entertaining solutions! Hyper rare,Hyper1/1 Xmas Tree NFT. #XmasBook